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Sunday school

9:35 – 10:35 Sundays

Classes are available for all ages, from nursery to adult.  Classes are held in our Education building.  Adult Classrooms are labeled by name. Nursery and Preschool classes are held downstairs, and Elementary, Middle School and High School classrooms are located upstairs.

Nursery (up to 3 years old) 

Children are given an introduction to basic concepts found in our Bible such as church, prayer, God, Jesus and love through play, song, stories and art.

Preschool and Kindergarten (3-5 years old)

Children are taught through hands-on activities, songs, Bible stories and drama.  They will make new friends and find caring teachers to help them grow their faith.

Elementary School

The children are divided into two classes:

1st -4th Grade – “Walk with Me” Curriculum

5th Grade – “Crossroads” doing a survey of the Bible.  This class is geared toward transitioning the 5th graders into Middle School Youth Group and preparing them for Confirmation classes.

Middle School

Using “Living the Good News’ curriculum.

High School

High Schoolers are studying “Living the Good News.”

Adult Classes

Breakfast Club, using The Wired Word, a curriculum that links the latest headlines to appropriate Scripture. Each weekly installment includes biblical commentary and discussion questions related to a topic in the news that week.  The Breakfast Club invites any adults who might find value in this approach to join us. We meet during the Sunday school hour in the session room/library (southeast corner of ground floor of Ed Center). Most Sundays there is food available, which we take turns providing. One feature of this curriculum is that each session is self-contained, so if you can only drop in from time to time you will not get the feeling you’ve missed something from previous weeks. And we’ve agreed to stick to religion and keep politics out of the discussion!

Christian Chicks, a class for women of all ages who gather to discuss books chosen by the class members.

Outreach, a class for adults of all ages, also using The Wired Word.